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USA Country Farm Simulator 3D

4.8 ( 7488 ratings )
Ігри Імітація
Розробник: Tayga Games OOO

Try yourself as a farmer – drive heavy trucks and tractors, plough, plow, fertilize soil and harvest the richest crops in whole village! Dive into the atmosphere of agricultural works paying USA Country Farm Simulator 3D!

Manage your own American countryside farm! Plant, grow, and harvest crops to sell it on the market! Buy new farming machinery – tractors, trucks, combines and harvesters and test your driving skills maneuvering it to cultivate your fields! Try different types of agricultural works and choose your favorite one! Fertilize soil or plow fields, drive tractor or transport harvested crops to the village market driving farming truck! Enjoy peaceful countryside life playing USA Country Farm Simulator 3D game!

Fertilize, plant, grow, harvest, and sell crops with this farming simulator in 3D! Experience all the stages an agricultural enterprise - cultivate the soil with ploughing equipment, sow wheat, sitting at the wheel of a sowing tractor and take care of your field to make the wheat, corn or rye grow strong! Build storehouses, buy all sorts of agricultural machinery and make your farm the best in whole village or even America! This farming simulator will give you a full impression about living the life in countryside village!

Work hard and harvest the richest crops you have ever seen! Buy new fields to expand your farm land and try new farming vehicles! Drive tractors, harvesters and trucks, use ploughing equipment and fertilizer to harvest richer crops! Try yourself as an American farmer just without getting your hands dirty! Are you an expert in ploughing or fertilizing soil? USA Country Farm Simulator 3D is made for your joy!
Try different types of agricultural works and choose your favorite one! Test your driving and farming skills with this amazing simulator in 3D!

Live in far rural area and make your ecologically pure farm crops famous all over the USA! Plow, plough, harvest and sell crops or hay and have fun playing USA Country Farm Simulator 3D!

USA Country Farm Simulator 3D features:

- Manage your own American farm - sow, plow, plough, harvest crops and do other types of agricultural works
- Drive heavy machines – tractors, harvesters, reaping machines, combines, farming tucks and other
- Different agricultures to plant – wheat, rye, corn, hay and more
- Sell crops you’ve grown and sell it on the village market – earn money to make your farm prosperous
- Far rural area with amazing countryside views
- American farming simulator in 3D

Enjoy hours of cultivating and reaping with USA Country Farm Simulator 3D! Ever tried to work in the garden? Be ready for great agriculture simulation! Cultivate your own fields and prove your worth as an American farmer! Plow, plough, fertilize and harvest rich crops! Enjoy peaceful countryside life with this farming simulator and grow the international agriculture industry!